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1. Become familiar with the Lycos Chat

Parents and carers should become familiar with the Lycos Chat. Read our terms and conditions, help guides and make sure you know how to report any issues your child may experience.

Ask your child to show you around the Lycos Chat. Ask them what they do on the Chat, and how the entire product works. This will help you understand your child’s habits and enable you to assess how well they understand the potential issues associated with using the service.

It is important that your child registers their correct age to ensure that the safety protection tools provided for under 16/18’s are applied to them and get the best content and experience. Remind them that lying about their age puts them at risk and would mean we cannot protect them as we would like.

Visit the Lycos Chat regularly and familiarise yourself with the services we offer, such as creating a profile, uploading images, making friends etc.

Remind your child to review their contact list on a regular basis to make sure they still want each person on it.

Negotiate with your child to visit and view their personal profile.

If you are concerned about your child’s use of Lycos Chat contact a Navigator who can advise you on the best way to deal with it.

Children and young people have strong views about their privacy and it will be important for you to help your child to use the Lycos Chat responsibly and safely.

There is an important balance between educating children and young people about the risks online, viewing what they are doing and actually trusting them in their use of the Chat, and allowing them a degree of autonomy. You are the best judge of how much autonomy you wish to give and this would be dependent on your child’s age and maturity.

It is critical that children and young people understand the importance of protecting their privacy online. Make sure they know about the Ignore feature, never giving out personal information like email addresses, mobile phone numbers, home addresses and although you may not have thought about it, the name of their school. Their school is a key identifier for a predator.

It is important that children and young people think carefully about adding a stranger to their “friends list” even if another friend has recommended them people are not always who they claim to be.

Talk to your child about the importance of keeping their password to their Lycos Chat account private to protect against someone taking control of their ChatNick.

Ensure that your child is aware of the privacy setting options in their Photo Album. It is important that you negotiate with your child the appropriate level of privacy and that it matches their level of emotional maturity and understanding.

Advise your child of the potential risks in sharing any information that may help locate them in the real Chat, for example, whether any images have a precise place name. Also school uniforms give a lot away.

The use and sharing of images has exploded online especially on social networking sites.

It is very important that children and young people consider and choose carefully what they share online with friends and the wider community on the Chat, especially as photos can be easily copied and changed. school details) can be used to locate and identify the child. not provocative, so as not to attract unwanted attention from adults who may wish to exploit children and young people.

The Lycos Chat does not allow “inappropriate” images and will remove them when they are brought to our attention.

Check with your child whether they are comfortable with the content they are posting being seen by everyone they know and whether it might embarrass them at a later stage.

5. Managing comments and postings

Many youngsters go to great lengths building their Profiles and PortHoles so receiving comments from the wider community can be exciting, compelling and is expected.

It is important that children and young people understand the need to be responsible in what they post and contribute to other people’s comment areas “think before you post” is a good maxim.

There have been some incidents of bullying often amongst known friends on Social Networking sites whereby bullying in the playground has continued and possibly escalated online. The potential to humiliate and harass individuals through comments and posting images can be extremely hurtful and have a number of unintended consequences, such as spreading very quickly to a much larger audience online. It is important for parents to set rules with their children about what is OK and what is not OK to post on the Lycos Chat about anyone known or unknown.

Emphasise to your child that once a comment or a posting is made it may not be possible to retract it.

6. Managing your children’s flirtatious behaviour

Teens may engage in flirting or sexual exploration online and it is important to discuss the need for boundaries in relationships even with known boyfriends and girlfriends.
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Por momentos pensó abandonar su carrera, y sólo el tiempo ha logrado que el milagro obre en ella; poco a poco ha retomado sus actividades normales. Regresó a sus clases de computación, a ejercitarse en el gimnasio, montar sus caballos y finalmente el pasado 15 de septiembre a cantar en Tlapa, Guerrero; lo hizo como si jamás se hubiese retirado temporalmente.

“Me sentí cómoda y muy bien, como si nunca lo hubiese dejado de hacer”.

Hace días Marcelita, vino a esta ciudad para cerrar el trámite del expediente sobre el accidente de su amada hija. Otorgar el perdón a su novio, quien iba manejando la noche en que la joven de 19 aos, murió junto con otro amigo que iba en el carro.

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