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MELBOURNE, Australia, Ene. 28, 2010. Andy Murray está a una victoria de lograr lo que ningún británico ha podido hacer en más de 70 aos: ganar un título individual masculino en un torneo de Grand Slam.

Murray derrotó este jueves 3 6, 6 4, 6 4, 6 2 al croata Marin Cilic y el domingo disputará la final del Abierto de Australia. Su rival será el ganador de la semifinal entre Rogger Federer, tres veces ganador de este torneo, y el finalista francés de 2008 Jo Wilfried Tsonga.

Si Federer gana será una reedición de la final del Abierto de Estados Unidos de 2008 en el que el suizo derrotó a Murray en tres sets. Esa fue la única final de un Grand Slam para el británico de 22 aos.

Ningún hombre británico ha ganado un major en sencillos desde 1936.

Murray espera que Federer sea su oponente el domingo en la arena Rod Laver.

“Tsonga ha jugado muchos sets, va a estar un poco cansado como Cilic, pero nunca se sabe, él es un gran jugador” , sealó Murray. “Aún así, espero que Federer avance”.

Por su parte, la campeona defensora Serena Williams avanzó a su quinta final del Abierto de Australia y pondrá su récord perfecto aquí en juego ante la belga Justine Henin, que juega apenas su segundo torneo desde que salió del retiro.

Ambas avanzaron con triunfos sobre jugadores chinas. Williams desperdició cuatro puntos para partido antes de sellar con un ace su victoria 7 6 (4), 7 6 (1) sobre Li Na, que la víspera había eliminado a su hermana Venus en los cuartos de final.

Henin, en tanto,
botas ugg verdaderas Lista la final femenil del Abierto de Australia
abrumó a la semifinalista de Wimbledon en el 2008 Zheng Jie 6 1, 6 0 en apenas 51 minutos, el partido más corto del torneo y la semifinal más dispareja en el Abierto de Australia desde que Chris Evert venció a Andrea Jaeger por el mismo marcador en 1982.

Williams aventaja a Henin 7 6 en los duelos entre ambas, aunque nunca se han enfrentado en una final de Grand Slam. La estadounidense ganó el último encuentro con Henin, en Miami en el 2008, justo antes que la belga se retirase cuando ocupaba el número 1 en la clasificación mundial.

“No puedo esperar por la final. Es una increíble oportunidad que tengo de jugar otra final en Melbourne”, dijo Henin, que ganó en el 2004 aquí y se tuvo que retirar por problemas estomacales durante la final del 2006 ante Amelie Mauresmo. “Es una ocasión muy especial, pero el sueo continúa”.

Serena Williams ha ganado cada vez que ha jugado por el título desde que venció a Venus aquí en el 2003.

“Realmente debía haber ganado antes . Tuve tantos puntos para partido y los desperdicié y sabía que no podía equivocarme con el servicio porque ella nunca se rinde”, dijo Williams tras conseguir su 50mo triunfo en Melbourne. “Ella es una peleadora real, increíble”.

Murray, en tanto, es el primer hombre británico que llega a una final en Australia desde John Lloyd en 1977.

“Realmente no la siento mucho”, dijo Murray al referirse a la presión de su país. “Wimbledon es un poco distinto, especialmente antes del torneo. Pero cuando estás lejos no lo notas”.

La marea de la semifinal del jueves pareció cambiar a favor de Murray cuando el británico logró un tiro espectacular en el segundo set para romper el saque de Cilic.

Al ganar el punto, Murray gritó con fuerza.

“Fue realmente importante porque no quiero decir que el partido se me estaba escapando, pero el impulso estaba de su lado”, dijo Murray. “Sí, ese tiro fue una gran diferencia”.
botas ugg verdaderas Lista la final femenil del Abierto de Australia

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His recruitment was so intense that it was chronicled in a best seller, and his legend was big enough to inspire a song, but tailback Marcus Dupree played just two seasons (1990 91) with the Los Angeles Rams before his career was ended by a knee injury.

Now Dupree, hired earlier this week by the Washington Redskins as a college scout in charge of the Southwest, is getting a long sought second opportunity to make his mark in a league where he feels he still has unfinished business. If his legacy will never be that of a star, Dupree has decided that maybe he can carve out a niche as a star maker instead.

“The way my career ended, with me never getting a real chance to show my (skills), it really tore me up,” said Dupree, reached on his cell phone Thursday as he was driving from Philadelphia, Miss., to New Orleans, to check out apartments before he moves there. “I said to (vice president of football operations) Vinny Cerrato, when he told me I had the job, that he was giving me the chance to get rid of something that just ate at me for a lot of years. Maybe this is how I was meant to earn my stripes in the NFL.”

A dozen years removed from Dupree’s last appearance on the field and nearly two decades after he signed with the USFL’s New Orleans Breakers as a 19 year old kid after having a falling out with Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, he is ready to find a new way of satisfying his football itch. When he discovered that the Redskins were revamping their scouting department and needed a few young talent evaluators, he hounded Cerrato with phone calls.

“Almost every day,” Cerrato noted. “He was persistent, say that for him, and you felt like you had to at least bring him in and talk to him.”

Dupree, now 43, recently served as the general manager of the arenafootball2 (Arena Football’s developmental league) franchise in Bossier City, La. The team’s nickname, the Battle Wings, still makes him chuckle. And he laughs when asked about the experience. “Oh, yeah, it was an experience, all right,” he said. It was a good entry to have, however, on an otherwise sparse resume.

Dupree impressed the Redskins during an interview this week with his ability to assess video and to write a clear and concise appraisal of the players he had watched. Players born with talent can’t always identify it when they see it in others, but Dupree seems to have no problems in that area, Cerrato said.

It’s an entry level position and, given that Washington is working with a diminished scouting budget because the team is paying off the salaries of deposed personnel chiefs Joe Mendes and Ron Nay, it’s a good bet Dupree won’t get rich. But he’ll get a hands on scouting education and a grass roots foundation.

“And, honest, that’s all I’ve ever asked for,” Dupree said. “I mean, everything happens for a reason, and I’m just grateful for the chance to contribute to a team in some way. This is going to soothe my soul, I know it, man. The people around me, my mother and my kids, they know how pained I have been. But this can fix all that. I think I’ll be good at it. One thing I know: No one will out work me at it. It’s just good to be back in the NFL again and I plan to stick around a lot longer this time around.”

A gentleman’s agreement and, quite honestly, the fear of retribution, precludes us from identifying the franchise currently involved in this situation: Seems the team, which had a top 10 selection in the first round of this year’s draft, felt it had a tacit agreement “on the clock” with the agent representing the prospect it chose. During the 15 minute time limit for exercising first round selections, the team faxed the agent a “letter of understanding,” detailing the parameters of a contract. The agent initialed the letter and faxed it back to the team, whereupon the club then chose the player, in part because it was confident there was now a foundation for a contract relatively similar to the one awarded the player who had been chosen in the commensurate slot last year. Fast forward three months now and, surprise, the agent is backing off the letter of understanding. A high ranking club official for the franchise in question declined to use the term “renege” this week when asked about the agent’s reversal. “Technically, I guess what we did on draft day was to come to a long distance handshake,” said the official. “There was nothing binding about it but, hey, there’s even honor among thieves sometimes, you know? We essentially said back on draft day, ‘Look, we know we can’t get an agreement finished in 15 minutes, so we’ll give you last year’s deal and tweak it some, all right?’ And the agent and, I presume the player as well, agreed that was fair. Now it’s like they’re playing dumb about the letter and, I’ll tell you what, it’s going to hurt negotiations. We don’t feel like we can trust (the agent). Can you blame us?” For years, the Dallas Cowboys used to strike deals “on the clock,” at least on rough contract numbers, and there was never a situation where it blew up in Jerry Jones’ face. At least none of which we are aware. But for the team in question here, it has exploded, and what management felt would be a facile negotiation figures to be rancorous now.

Word is that the Houston Texans are very close now to an agreement with first round draft choice Andre Johnson, the former University of Miami wide receiver who recently dumped agent Jeff Moorad and is now being represented by his uncle, Andre Melton. It’s even being whispered that Don West, the agent hired by Johnson and Melton to review the contract language, is already perusing some document language. Johnson, whose performance has improved dramatically since he decided all those drops in minicamp might be cause to start wearing contact lenses, was the third overall player chosen. Agents for some players in that area of the first round are sweating gumballs, fretting that an inexperienced negotiator might settle for a below market value deal. Texans officials, the sources suggested, have been more than fair in working off the contract signed by Detroit quarterback Joey Harrington, the third player chosen in the 2002 draft. The tag team of Melton and West have proven to be diligent and Texans lead negotiator Danny Ferens, one of the best and most ethical capologists in the league, has not attempted to sneak anything by the pair.

The New Orleans Saints, whose late season collapses the past two years have kept the team out of the playoffs and resulted in a ton of organizational self examination, should not count on coach Jim Haslett transforming training camp into Club Med on the Bayou. What the players can expect, though, is a camp in which they are off their feet more than they have been in the past under Haslett’s stewardship. The Saints coach sampled several of his league peers, seeking ideas for avoiding December pratfalls, and many told him he has to make more of an effort to not drain his team’s legs in July and August. One of the coaches who most hammered home that point was Jeff Fisher of Tennessee, whose clubs historically don’t sag late in the year, and whose views on conditioning are considered to be sensible and effective. One concession that Haslett already has made is to have more evening practices. That seems to be a good start toward perhaps having the Saints keep some of their explosiveness down the regular season home stretch.

Now that Tony Boselli’s career has been truncated by injury, the five year wait (and what figures to be a five year debate, as well) will commence over his worthiness to be considered for Hall of Fame honors. A lot can change in five years, and the selection process is a sometimes quirky one, but the problem Boselli will face is a distinct lack of longevity. There is no denying that, in his prime, Boselli set a standard at left tackle. Reports on how many sacks he surrendered during his seven year tenure in Jacksonville are set at between 12 The first overall pick of the Jaguars franchise was a monster, a guy with quick feet, a player of great power who appeared in five Pro Bowl contests. But these facts are hard to ignore: Boselli played in just six full seasons and in 91 regular season games. He never played in a game after September 2001. So virtually all of his final two seasons in the league were spent on the injured reserve list. One of the many components considered by the Hall of Fame selectors is longevity and Boselli comes up short in at least that one key category. There have been exceptions, of course, to the issue of tenure. Gale Sayers, as most everyone knows, was a supernova who flashed across the NFL firmament and then was gone after just a mere seven seasons. Dwight Stephenson, the former Miami center inducted into the Canton, Ohio, shrine in 1998, was much debated because his career lasted just eight seasons. In two of those seasons, he played just nine games and his stellar but brief career ended on the injured reserve list as well. He played in 114 games, had his tenure cut short by a knee injury sustained on what many feel was a cheap shot block, and redefined the position. But there are still naysayers who don’t feel Stephenson belongs among the elite. My good friend Peter King of Sports Illustrated annually points out at the selection meeting that there is a Hall of Fame and there is, at least mentally, a Hall of Very Good. Five years from now, we’ll know into which of those Boselli fits.

This interesting Boselli observation from one former NFL offensive lineman: Most of Boselli’s problems were with his left shoulder,
botas ugg verdaderas Dupree back in NFL as scout with Redskins
a joint that underwent three surgeries in the past 20 months, and which was basically rendered bone on bone. That left shoulder was key for Boselli, in part, because he played the left side. That means that, when he was setting up to block an outside speed rusher, the left arm went up first proper technique for riding the defensive end up the field in pass protection and beyond the quarterback in the pocket. “How many times in his career,” wondered the lineman, “did Boselli throw that left arm up there? Probably thousands of times, going back to high school and to college, you know? If he had any kind of pain at all in that (left) shoulder, it was made that much worse, because that was his lead arm. No wonder the guy quit.”

Carolina officials don’t want to beat the drum too loudly, and perhaps awaken the poor (and perhaps overmatched) offensive right tackles who will have to contend with Julius Peppers in 2003, but they feel the second year defensive end is going to have a superb campaign. The second player chosen overall in the ’02 draft, Peppers posted 12 sacks in just a dozen games as a rookie before his season was cut short by the league imposed suspension when he tested positive for a banned substance. The former North Carolina star should improve on that total this year, if he is healthy and plays the entire schedule. As early as a year ago, in camp, Panthers coaches were trying to project just how good Peppers would be when he got a full offseason of NFL caliber weight training under his belt. Those dreams could turn into reality if Peppers is as improved, from both conditioning and body definition standpoints, as Carolina coaches claim he is now. “You don’t want to raise the expectations too high because, I mean, the guy is only in his second season,” said one Panthers staffer. “But, my God, he’s been an absolute monster in the offseason.”

He was a defensive back during his 10 seasons as an NFL player but, in a conversation earlier this week about how he gauges the pace of training camp, New York Jets coach Herm Edwards noted that it’s the “big guys” on the team from whom he takes his lead. “Those guys, the people 280 pounds or more, they’re banging on every play,” Edwards said. “The skill position guys, who play outside, they’re rarely getting hit. So when you’re looking to see whether you should cut back or not, alter the schedule a little bit, the guys you look to first are the linemen. They are the ones who suffer. There are days when you have to decide whether to throw ‘em a bone or hit them over the head with a bone. And the conditioning of your linemen, in a lot of those cases, is the deciding factor.” And, no, Edwards was not speaking specifically about veteran Chester McGlockton, the big body signed this week to help fill the breach in the Jets’ defensive tackle dike. McGlockton is said to be about 370 375 pounds and won’t do much of anything, except for individual conditioning work, for the first two or three weeks of camp. If the Jets can get him onto the field for the final preseason game, they will be satisfied, provided first round tackle Dewayne Robertson is signed by that point.

CanidateFor some reason unbeknownst to Redskins officials, there were rumors this week that Washington had already soured on tailback Trung Canidate and were likely to trade him or release him by the start of the season. There isn’t a scintilla of truth to the whispers. The three year veteran, acquired from St. Louis in an offseason trade for a fourth round draft choice, missed practice time in the spring because of some leg problems. But he has been back in Arizona working out with a personal trainer, and is expected to be full go for the beginning of training camp. Canidate is still projected as the Washington starter, with the coaches convinced he is a solid fit for what Steve Spurrier wants at the tailback position, and will add a big play dimension to the Redskins running game. The battle at tailback will come at the backup spot, between Ladell Betts and Kenny Watson, a couple of second year veterans. Both youngsters played well at times in 2002 but roster quotas might mean only one will make the team this year. Canidate is a lock and the Redskins are listing kickoff return specialist Chad Morton as a tailback, and hope to utilize him as a third down back. Not many teams retain four tailbacks on their roster. Then again, since Spurrier makes so little use of his tight ends, the Redskins could go “light” at the position on their roster, and keep an extra back.

Cincinnati coaches got some good news this week when their excellent backup tailback, Brandon Bennett, was cleared physically for camp. Bennett missed considerable practice time as he rehabilitated from disc surgery and Bengals officials had grown concerned enough at one point to begin considering alternatives to the No. 2 back and understudy to star Corey Dillon. The team looked into a possible trade for Thomas Jones, before the former Arizona first rounder was swapped instead to Tampa Bay, but decided to wait and see how Bennett’s recovery progressed. A four year veteran, Bennett doesn’t get much publicity, but he is a productive role player and a good guy to have around. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is very high on longshot running back Ray Jackson, a free agent who wasn’t even in a training camp last year. The former University of Cincinnati standout, who began his college career at Michigan and then transferred, spent the year working for the local recreation commission, stocking shelves at Wal Mart and redefining his frame. His weight went from 215 pounds to 227 pounds and his 40 yard time, remarkably, improved from 4.6 to 4.41. Jackson has a chance to earn a roster spot as a kick returner.

Although the league has advised exiled cornerback Rashard Anderson that he cannot file for reinstatement until December, since he tested positive again for marijuana during his treatment, look for the former first rounder’s camp to mount an effort to have the NFL consider an August appeal. The tack likely won’t succeed, but some feel that it is worth a shot, since the most recent positive test occurred when the Carolina Panthers veteran was extremely close to having successfully completed his one year suspension. Nearly as slim as the chances for that argument succeeding are the chances the Panthers will ever take Anderson back again. Given past off field indiscretions by Panthers players, the franchise is trying to sanitize its image. Because he has prototype size and lots of untapped potential, Anderson might get another opportunity in the league, but it won’t be until 2004 and it won’t be in a Carolina uniform.

It seems like every week, there’s a note in this column about safeties how many remain in free agency and how many teams seem to still need a veteran backup. But perhaps no team is in more need of a proven safety than the Philadelphia Eagles, whose depth chart behind starters Brian Dawkins and Michael Lewis is nearly as bare as Mother Hubbard’s pantry. The top backup for now is rookie Norman LeJeune, a seventh round selection from LSU. But don’t expect LeJeune to be the primary backup for long. Coordinator Jim Johnson has conceded he is concerned about the depth problem. With a ton of money still left on their salary cap, bet the mortgage the Eagles will sign a veteran safety either before or during training camp.

BruenerThe Pittsburgh Steelers wanted tight end Mark Bruener to accept a salary reduction from $2.05 million to $750,000, or face the likelihood of being released. When Bruener acquiesced and took the pay cut last week, it was widely reported that he was able to get a little more than the $750,000 the Steelers suggested. Well, he didn’t get much more. His base salary for 2003 is $800,000, more than 60 percent less than he was to have made. Of course, the eight year veteran still has a job, and 800,000 of anything is always better than zero. The contract reworking, though, didn’t assure Bruener of any security past this year. The base salaries for the final three seasons of his contract $2.395 million each in 2004 and 2004 and $3.06 million for 2006 remain unchanged. So the two sides likely will go through the trimming process again next summer or Bruener will be released. Notably, it appears Bruener could retain his starting job. The word in the ‘burgh is that former Buffalo starter Jay Riemersma, released by the Bills for salary cap reasons, will be used primarily on third downs. Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey has rarely deployed a tight end on third down, but wants to better control the middle of the field in 2003. Riemersma is a solid receiver who should now give the Steelers a presence between the hashes.

There have been a lot of tales told this week about the late Tex Schramm, truly one of the giants of the game, and we’re certainly not going to endeavor to top those stories. But one insight, if you will, into just how creative, inventive and resourceful Schramm could be in almost any circumstance: In 1964, when the Dallas Cowboys were re designing their uniforms, Schramm had a certain shade of blue in mind for the new game day duds. Problem was, the color didn’t exist, except in the fertile Schramm cranium. So he simply invented the color. Lore is that Schramm went through hundreds of combinations before he finally struck the formula for the tint that he wanted. He described it as “a sort of blue hued silver sort of.” It’s still the primary color for the Cowboys uniforms.

We were remiss last week in failing to note the passing of longtime college offensive line coach Joe Moore, who passed away in Pittsburgh after a too long battle with cancer. Why does Moore merit a mention in the “Tip Sheet,” a vehicle about the NFL, when he never coached a down in the professional ranks? Hey, sometimes you make exceptions, and Moore was an exceptional coach and a guy your humble correspondent knew well. Plus he sent plenty of players to the NFL ranks, all of them polished blockers, none shy of work ethic. In one amazing five year stretch, when he was coaching at the University of Pittsburgh, every senior lineman from the Panthers went on to play in the NFL. Two of the most notable, Jimbo Covert and Bill Fralic, considered Moore the best line coach they ever had. In 26 seasons of covering the league, we’ve seen
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Pero bueno, si somos uno de esos uruguayos trabajador que no llega a juntar para un 0 K, lo mejor que se puede hacer es mirar mucho, consultar m y asesorarse con un buen mec y un buen chapista (que adem sean de confianza).

Ahora si usted es una/un uruguaya/o arrojado, valiente, corajudo digamos, y quiere lanzarse a la aventura de comprarse un auto sin un buen asesoramiento, casi que con total seguridad, lo van a terminar v a c u n a n d o.

Y quien lo va a vacunar no es un profesional de la salud, es otro uruguayo, profesional, aut especializado en las artes de un buen auto usado (que le terminara saliendo unos cuantos manguitos m arriba para que ande).

Recuerdo a mi t (que todav anda entre nosotros) que ya bastante mayorcito, como de 40 y pico, se compro su primer auto, un SIMCA 1000, una preciosura. Lo compro y se lo llevo a la casa a mostr a la se Los dos encantados con tremenda m No era para correr, andaba parejito, hac los mandados a todos lados en el auto. Una semana. A los pocos d no anduvo m Como el no entend ni pito de mec llamo a uno, vino a la casa, abri el capo y se encontr con que el motor del auto no funcionaba porque se le hab soltado algunos alambres.

Despu de eso mi t ya compro otro auto pero lo hizo revisar por mec y chapista.

Finalizando este breve recuerdo, ahora voy yo, que me voy a comprar el auto. Miro por Internet, leo el diario, consigo revistas de autos, pregunto a amigos y otros, busco por la calle, etc.

Puedo asegurar que cuento con un poquitito de experiencia en autos, lo que no quiere decir que no me puedan madrugar.

De todas maneras les cuento esto breve y para que vayan sabiendo nada m quienes incursionan por primera vez en este negocio. (Marca en la consola, pero esto se puede arreglar), de pintura muy bien (pero esto tambi se puede arreglar con una pulida y encerada), ruedas para darle un rato (si est muy negritas no es que sean as de f le dan silicona para realzar la goma) y despu hay que mirarle los interiores, el tapizado, levantarlo a menos que este a pegado, mover los asientos adelante atr y dem regulaciones, mirar la valija y revisar tambi

Se los resumo: el auto era supuestamente due empadronado en otro departamento, le hab pulido la pintura por lo que el vendedor me dec impecable pero ten un choque atr (un toque me dijo), rajado el pl del paragolpes, la tela tapizado de la valija la levante y estaba mojada (se habr mojado cuando lo lavaron), ten unos golpecitos en el techo (le habr ca alg granizo porque es de afuera vio!), ac lo pintaron con sint para tapar un agujerito con oxido picado (sin comentarios). Cuando fuimos a probar el motor no le arranco enseguida (que raro, nunca me paso esto, siempre arranca al toque) y eso que el motor estaba bien caliente pues reci hab llegado del taller donde lo pulieron. Luego que arranco el motor le saqu la varilla del aceite que estaba impecable limpia y el aceite nuevo, y el motor empez a moderar m lento casi a apagarse, me introduje la varilla y volvi a moderar bien, le saqu la tapa del aceite y esta s ten aceite quemado debajo, si bien no observe que salpicara, pero otra vez empez a moderar lento casi hasta apagarse, volv a tapar y qued normal. Le dije: motor ya esta como para un cambio de aros le parece (me dijo) yo creo que tiene como para 50000 kmts m suena precioso, est muy lindo, due tiene radio con control remoto. A todo esto, adem el parabrisas ya estaba rajado (pero es laminado, lo puede usar as tranquilo), y un paquete m de detallecitos en general, que pude observar. Estoy seguro que si voy con mi mec y un chapista, le sacamos un mont m de cosas, porque adem hubiera sido bueno ponerlo en la fosa y mirarlo de abajo a ver como esta.
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SANTIAGO. Marzo es uno de los meses que representa mayores gastos para los chilenos y el permiso de circulaci entra a engrosar esa lista de tr para quienes son due de veh Por eso el Servicio de Impuestos Internos habilit una plataforma con el fin que los conductores puedan averiguar cu costar el permiso de su auto y as organizar sus finanzas.

El valor que deber desembolsar los due de veh depende del a y modelo de la m Entre m antiguo el auto, menor ser el precio, mientras que las versiones m lujosas, deportivas y nuevas tendr que pagar un monto mayor. Aunque en este punto en la alta gama existen excepciones.

De esta forma, el permiso de circulaci m barato es de $23.510 para los autos con m a en su espalda. Pero en la otra vereda, por ejemplo,
botas ugg verdaderas Conoce los permisos de circulaci m caros para este 2018
el superdepotivo Mclaren 650S Spider de 2017 tiene un valor que supera los siete millones de pesos.

Si bien la tendencia es que el valor disminuya cuando el veh tiene m a esto no se aplica al 100 por ciento en los autos de alta gama. Y es que por ejemplo en el caso del McLaren P1, pese a ser de 2015, su permiso de circulaci asciende a los m de 21 millones de pesos, convirti en el m caro del mercado local.

El Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package del 2016, por otro lado, llega a los casi 18 millones de pesos,
botas ugg verdaderas Conoce los permisos de circulaci m caros para este 2018
muy por encima de los nuevos modelos que llegaron a Chile para el 2017 los cuales pagan entre uno y cinco millones de pesos.

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Frente a panorama las plataformas de comercio electr se est preparando para hacer 100% seguras las transacciones v celular, sin embargo los usuarios tambi deben conocer algunas pautas para el m aprovechamiento de las compras online

El portal MercadoLibre en su af de colaborar tanto con los usuarios, como con el comercio online comparte una lista con recomendaciones para hacer m seguros los servicios.

Las redes WiFi p pueden servir, en momentos de emergencia, para enviar correos o revisar las redes sociales, pero nunca para hacer compras desde su smartphone, ya que dichas conexiones son f vulneradas por delincuentes inform Para garantizar la transacci hace falta una conexi a internet segura como la de su casa o trabajo.

Elija el medio de pago m favorable

Si no siente mucha confianza en usar su tarjeta de cr a trav de cualquier plataforma, estas ofrecen diferentes maneras para pagar por el producto o servicio adquirido, puede hacerlo a trav de consignaci bancaria,
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o pago a contra entrega. Por ejemplo MercadoLibre posee la opci de Mercado pago.

Haga sus compras desde sitios certificados y aplicaciones confiables.

Cuando usted hace compras online est entregando informaci confidencial e importante a los comercios. Por tal raz aseg de que lo est haciendo en el sitio web o apps oficiales antes de terminar el tr Si usted desconoce la plataforma, tenga en cuenta las opiniones de los usuarios anteriores en redes sociales, foros o en la tienda de aplicaciones desde donde obtuvo la plataforma. En lo posible verifique si la tienda cuenta con un certificado digital que indique que su identidad est comprobada por alg organismo regulador.

Aproveche los descuentos dentro de las aplicaciones.

Algunas tiendas online que tienen aplicaci m regularmente para vender sus productos ofrecen ofertas y beneficios para quienes hagan sus transacciones a trav de sus tel o tabletas. Aprov en lo posible, pero tenga en cuenta las caracter de las promociones y el tiempo de entrega.

Lea las pol de privacidad y seguridad del sitio

Es importante que tenga clara la pol de seguridad que utiliza el sitio antes de realizar cualquier tipo de operaci financiera, todo con el fin de protegerse frente a los riesgos que existen al realizar una compra y sobre todo, debe proteger su informaci personal de los delincuentes.

Considere los costos y log de env la mayor de los sitios el env puede constituir un costo adicional, por tal raz es recomendable, si quiere evitar ese rubro, que pacte con el vendedor donde puede recoger el producto y de una vez lo observa con detenimiento antes de comprar,
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o revise bien si el vendedor ofrece env gratis.

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Llevo más de diez aos acudiendo al CES de Las Vegas (este ha sido el primero en una década que he tenido que cubrir en remoto), así que si no fuera por los constantes encontronazos con el resto de los asistentes, a estas alturas sería capaz de recorrer sus pasillos con los ojos cerrados. Los stands de las diferentes compaías están siempre en los mismos sitios y uno acaba desarrollando la memoria muscular para llegar a ellos en el menor tiempo posible.

Sé donde comprar un perrito caliente a un precio obsceno pero al menos algo más barato que en las cafeterías y restaurantes de los pabellones, dónde está la fuente de café aguado (al menos es gratis) más cercana en todo momento, a qué hora sacan el rancho en la sala de prensa o cuál será la zona más tranquila para trabajar en un momento dado.

Y aunque hay cosas que no cambian. Es innegable que en la última década la feria ha sufrido una transformación y que en mayor o menor medida la culpa es del smartphone. Aglutinando todas las funciones que antes dependían de media docenas de dispositivos, ha terminado por quitar personalidad al mercado de la electrónica de consumo. Como el Mobile World Congress es la feria de la telefonía móvil y se celebra sólo un mes después, el CES cada vez parece tener menos empuje.

O no? Tal vez esta visión pesimista surge al tratar de analizar la feria con las mismas gafas de aos anteriores. El hueco que ha dejado la telefonía móvil está empezarlo a ocuparlo la industria del transporte. Ford, Nissan o Toyota empiezan a desplazar a Samsung, LG o Microsoft en los titulares de la feria. Y con razón.

Este ao BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ferrari han anunciado que comenzarán a ensayar con vehículos autónomos usando tecnología de Intel. Nvidia ha presentado una nueva versión de su plataforma para coches inteligentes, que usan marcas como Tesla o Volkswagen, tanto en producción como en fase de prueba. Toyota se ha desmarcado con un concepto de tienda móvil o almacén con ruedas autónomo,
botas ugg verdaderas El CES es ya otra cosa
el e Palette. La lista sigue.

Es hora, creo, de empezar a considerar el CES como un híbrido entre un salón del automóvil y una feria clásica de tecnología porque aunque cada ao el enfoque cambie (realidad virtual!, realidad aumentada!, inteligencia artificial!, hogar conectado!, smart cities! smartwatches!) el único sector que se está afianzando es el de la automoción. Cada vez vemos más coches inteligentes y conceptos futuristas de transporte público o logística.

Bajo esa óptica el CES sigue vivo y muy enérgico. Y es bueno y necesario. Durante aos, nos hemos preguntado cuál será el siguiente paso de esta industria ahora que todos llevamos un ordenador en el bolsillo que nos permite acceder en segundos a cualquier dato o comunicarnos con cualquier persona del planeta. La respuesta,
botas ugg verdaderas El CES es ya otra cosa
cada vez con más frecuencia, es que la combinación de robótica, conexiones permanentes e inteligencia artificial revolucionará por completo la forma en la que nos desplazaremos de un punto A a un punto B.

El CES será la feria donde se cuente esta revolución y con suerte estaré ahí para verlo, en la misma sala de prensa, los mismos pabellones y con el mismo café aguado de siempre.