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Since his rookie season, Paul Abbott’s record is 21 12, and his ERA over that same span is 4.13? Those numbers don’t include Abbott’s first year, in which he went 0 5 with a 5.97 mark with the Twins. And more to the point, Abbott’s rookie season came all the way back in 1990; since then, he’s pitched only 353 innings in the major leagues, and more than half of those came last year. Monday the Mariners signed Abbott to a new one year deal, and rightly so. But he’s 33 and his career has been nearly obliterated by injuries, so the Mariners should consider each of his victories a big bonus from the sky.

Over the last two seasons, Red Sox “prospect” Israel Alcantara posted a .658 slugging percentage in 380 at bats for Class AAA Pawtucket? When the Braves signed Rico Brogna career slugging percentage: .453 and people said, “Brogna’s a proven veteran, and there wasn’t anybody else out there,” I thought of Alcantara. There are others like him, and they’re available for a song to the general manager who isn’t afraid of minor league statistics.

Manny Alexander’s career OBP is .285? We’re talking about a player whose “best” position is third base, but who doesn’t play any position particularly well. He’s nearly 30 years old, and has been allowed to step to the plate 1,305 times in the major leagues. That includes 209 times last year, when he did as much as anybody to keep the Red Sox out of the postseason party.

Roberto Alomar already has 2,196 hits? According to Bill James’ Career Assessments method, Alomar has established a 64 percent chance of reaching 3,000. Last week, someone e mailed me to ask about Alomar’s Hall of Fame chances. Here’s my answer: Alomar cruises into Cooperstown,
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first ballot, no questions asked.

Aside from his bizarre 1996 campaign, in which he hit 50 home runs, Brady Anderson has never hit more than 45 home runs in two seasons combined? Anderson socked 21 homers in 1992, and 24 in 1999. His biggest output in two consecutive seasons 1996 aside, of course came in the last two, when he hit 43 bombs. By the way, look at Anderson’s career sometime, as it’s a testament to patience (in more than one way). In his first four seasons, encompassing a whopping 1,081 at bats, Brady posted a .313 on base percentage and a .306 slugging percentage, neither figure acceptable unless you’re a Gold Glove shortstop. And Brady wasn’t playing shortstop. But he kept drawing his walks, his team kept throwing him out there, and he broke through in his fifth season with 21 homers and solid percentages.

Shane Andrews set career highs last season in both OBP and slugging? Nobody noticed, because he finished the season hitting .229, but he posted a .329 OBP and slugged .474. He’s 29 and figures to get worse rather than better, but it’s possible that Tony La Russa will get some production out of the burly fellow.

And you know what else? Those are just the A’s. All of the above was gleaned from the STATS Major League Handbook 2001, and I honestly don’t understand how any baseball fan can live without one, especially from November through March. Best sawbuck you’ll ever spend.

Last year, I devoted more than one column to criticizing Chuck LaMar, who

tried to build a team on a shaky foundation composed of over the hillRecently, I devoted more than one column to criticizing Ed Wade,
botas ugg color camel January 2001 Archives