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“Ribera de Duero” wine is known all around the world. Alternative music is trendy nowadays. Summer is the best season of the year, so. Summer, music and wine could be a great mixture to spend an amazing weekend!

Aranda de Duero is one of the most popular places in Spain to drink great wine and there takes place the best alternative music festival in Spain. Nobody knows the reason for this festival’s success, because it’s far away from big cities and there wasn’t a music tradition in the town, but the fact is that every year the public increases. If you are going to go, you should plan everything at the beginning of the year, as it’s difficult to book a hotel within 50 kilometres of the festival.

The recipe is quite easy; you hire the most popular alternative groups, select the best season of the year and give amazing wine with the tickets. Success is guaranteed. Everybody wins at the festival. The town, because it receives thousands of visitors who may come again for other reasons. The wine makers, because of the publicity that is made for them. And the organization, who earns lot of money from the price of the tickets.

I can’t understand why here, in El Bierzo, we don’t have a festival like this. I’m sure we have similar things, so it could be a great idea and an enormous success.

Sergio Blanco Carrera

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Do you enjoy listening to folk music from all over the world? Do you also enjoy playing it? Then you are absolutely spot on if you come here.

Since 1979 the “Festival de Pardias” has been taking place every first weekend in August, the oldest folk festival of the green, magic Galicia.

Just one hour from A Corua by bus, you reach Guitiriz, a downtown village in this region near the A6 highroad. Once there, you will find plenty of indications which take you to Pardias, a green field well known for its thermal baths.

The festival begins officially on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday night. It is divided in four areas; main stage, luthiers’, craftmen’s and camping area, so people can enjoy taking a look at the news about traditional instruments, customs and other works. One of them is a workshop about traditional dancing in which everyone can join and learn some easy steps.

The main course kicks off at 20:30 at the main stage. Artists as important as “La bottine souriante”, Gwendal, Kepa Junkera, Michael McGoldrick, Sharon Shannon, Milladoiro and many others have been performing on the Pardias stage all over these nearly 40 years. And after the concert, take your music instrument and enjoy playing at the open sessions in the bars of the festival.

Now that you know all of this, how much would you pay for such an event? Could you really believe something like this can be for free? Yes, so it is!!
ugg niños online Blog de C1 C y E